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Friday, September 14, 2012


Jig for Removing WoodWhen Mr. Lamb accepted an order for seven freestanding signs for the City of Asheville, he immediately realized he had a challenge. The signs were to be 4" thick and called for a recessed central area that would receive a replaceable (changeable) insert. Because the recessed area was to measure 18" x 18", routing the area away by hand wasn't an option (this blog was written before we had our CNC router). If you've ever hand-routed, you'll know that the bottom of the router sits on the wood as a guide, so once enough wood is removed, well, you can see how that wouldn't work. He knew he had to come up with an efficient method of production.

THIS VIDEO (link) demonstrates his talent for problem-solving, where he creates the recessed area with a panel saw. By placing the assembled middle portion of the sign (made from five 4x4 cedar posts) on a rail system, he is able to roll the sign blank back and forth under the saw. This video represents one of the many rewarding facets of work in the sign industry. Since no two signs are ever the same, there are always new challenges that arise, and the gratification from solving them is sweet.


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