CNC Metal Signs

Here are examples of a few of our metal signs and wood signs with metal elements:

Mountain Mojo Coffeehouse in Fairview, NC
Detail of Mojo post-topper, finial from BIMCO

Detail of Mojo finial, courtesy of
BIMCO. (Biltmore Iron & Metal Co.)

This Mountain Mojo sign is made with mild steel and is developing its natural coating of rust. The internal piece is stainless steel to retain its brightness. The effects of natural lighting are interesting, sometimes appearing to glow!

Buncombe County Sports Park mountain scene painted on metal

Right above the sandblasted Park Closes sign (left) is a painted steel mountain scene. It blends in so well with the surrounding mountains that it can be hard to see. Before painting, we used a very special ($$$) water-based primer so that we could work in one our favorite mediums; acrylic latex paint.

Hey Hey Cupcake Sign in Black Mountain, NC

All the black graphics on this Hey-Hey Cupcake sign are metal. They are attached to a routed wood background with standoffs. The shadows created by the afternoon sun on this particular afternoon stopped us dead in our tracks. There's nothing quite like dimensional signage, because it changes appearance as the sunlight moves over the elements.

In the image below, the large mountain graphic and tiny trees with cabin adorning the wood sign below are all metal, primed and painted black. The trees and cabin were cut with a hand-held oxy-acetelyne torch, and the cross-members within the window were made with nails, welded into place. You get resourceful when you have to. Now that we have a CNC plasma cutter, such crude methods can be avoided.

Beaverdam Art Gallery in Weaverville Beaverdam Art Gallery Detail
The PlasmaCAM at work

Here's our CNC plamsa-
cutting dragon (left), breathing fire! To celebrate the arrival of this marvelous machine, we made a "real" fire breathing dragon (right) for our road sign in Fairview. We also made the sandblasted wood sign above the dragon.

What can our dragon make for you?

Plasma-cut steel dragon sign post decoration

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